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Australia embarks on a pioneering journey with its National Digital Health Strategy for 2023-2028, led by the Australian Digital Health Agency under the guidance of CEO Ms. Amanda Cattermole. This strategy, a product of extensive consultations with a wide array of stakeholders, signifies a revolutionary approach to healthcare. 

By embracing digital technology and artificial intelligence, the strategy aims to redefine healthcare delivery. Its four core outcomes—digitally enabled and secure health services, empowerment for Australians to manage their health, inclusive access to health services, and data-driven healthcare decisions—serve as milestones towards achieving a sophisticated digital healthcare system.

The Strategy’s Core Initiatives

A key initiative under this strategy is the collaboration between Amwell and Amplar Health, aimed at expanding access to hybrid and digital care programs. This partnership is geared towards preventing chronic diseases by utilising patient-generated health data through Amwell’s Automated Care platform and SilverCloud technology. This embodies the strategy’s shift towards a proactive healthcare model, focusing on prevention over treatment.

Furthermore, the development of the Digicuris platform, as highlighted by Professor Clara Chow, represents a significant advancement towards personalised health management. Utilising AI and machine learning, Digicuris aims to deliver customised health programs to over 160,000 patients, focusing on bridging the equity and accessibility gap in digital health solutions.

Data Security and Inclusivity

The implementation of the National Digital Health Strategy is not without its challenges. Paramount among these is ensuring data security and privacy in a digital age. Additionally, the strategy faces the task of ensuring digital health services are truly inclusive, catering to the diverse needs of Australia’s population. The risk of exacerbating the digital divide poses a reminder of the importance of inclusive digital health services.

The Strategy’s Impact and Promise

As Australia looks towards the future, the National Digital Health Strategy 2023-2028 stands as a symbol of hope and progress in the realm of healthcare. It underscores Australia’s commitment to harnessing digital innovation for the health and wellbeing of its citizens. Realising the full potential of digital health in Australia requires a collaborative effort from the government, healthcare providers, and the community at large.

The National Digital Health Strategy and its accompanying Strategy Delivery Roadmap chart a visionary and comprehensive path for Australia’s digital health future. With the aim of achieving digitally enabled health services, person-centred care, inclusive access, and data-driven decision-making, the strategy is a testament to Australia’s forward-thinking approach to healthcare. CEO Amanda Cattermole emphasises the importance of this collaborative effort across all jurisdictions, highlighting the strategy’s potential to cater to the unique circumstances of Australians nationwide.

Read the Strategy and the accompanying Delivery Roadmap.